Dhathri Hair Care


“Ayurveda is the ancient science of healing and holistic living, a knowledge handed down by Rishis for the well-being of mankind. At Dhathri, our sole purpose is to ensure that this ancient form of healing, aided by modern science, remains as pure and unadulterated as prescribed in the Vedas.

For over 3 centuries, this task of keeping the Ayurveda formulations true to its origins has been diligently carried out by one esteemed family of Ayurveda doctors. Dr. S. Saji Kumar; the scion of this respected family, and the founder and guiding light of Dhathri, has dedicated his life to ensuring Dhathri Ayurveda products continue to be the best and it remains the most trusted brand to come out of Kerala, and that it’s every product carries a stamp of utmost honesty.

The reason why Dhathri adheres to the strictest ingredient sourcing channels, the most disciplined process of preparation, at the hands of only the most qualified experts, is to create every single product to perfection. Dhathri’s root-to track systems and quality checks follow international standards to bring you a plethora of unmatched quality products that make every life healthy, happy, and beautiful: both inside and out because at Dhathri it is all about being honest to the core.”

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